Being Green – Sweet Cherry Soda
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Being Green

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At Sweet Cherry Soda, we give a heck about the environment. We are constantly striving to preserve our earth and minimise our impact on it. Here's how:

Animal-free products

Our cosmetics contain no animal products. As animal farming contributes in a significant way to climate change, and the poor treatment of animals, we prefer to produce and sell vegan products for you to enjoy. We don't test on animals, and only purchase from suppliers who don't test on animals. We also don't use palm oil, because we don't like to mess with orangutans or their habitats.

Biodegradable glitter

We love glitter! And we also love fish. Fortunately, we are able to reconcile these two loves by using only biodegradable glitter. That's right, the glitter in our products that washes down the drain is completely ocean-safe and biodegradable. This means that you can be sparkly and fabulous without harming our waterways. Sparkle on!

Biodegradable packaging

Our bath bombs, bubbles and soaps are all packaged in biodegradable cellophane. This cellophane is made from renewable sources from certified forests, and is fully compostable and biodegradable. We also fill our packages with biodegradable shipping peanuts, which are compostable and water-soluble.

Recyclable packaging

Our bottles and jars are recyclable, as are the cardboard boxes that we use for shipping. We do encourage you to re-use them where possible though!

Reusable packaging

There are a few instances where we package in a re-usable bag. For example, our Mary Jane bubbles come in a resealable bag, and some products may come in a small amount of bubble wrap to ensure they arrive to you safely. Please re-use these items where possible.

How you can help

If something is labelled as recyclable, recycle it. If something is labelled as a re-usable, re-use it! If you're stumped for ideas, stay tuned for creative ways to re-use our packaging. Our efforts to protect the environment are ongoing. If there's something you think we could be doing better, please let us know!